Saturday, January 9, 2010


When people without children tell me how exhausted they are from work or partying all weekend, I want to throat punch them.
Mean? Yes. Insensitive? Yes.
True? Absofuckenlutely.

Baby Free Time

I realized last night that I have TWO weekends away planned in the near future that do NOT include the caveman. Is it bad that I am practically giddy with excitement over this? Even if it's bad, I am.

In less than an hour, my hubs and I are taking a much needed weekend away in order to reconnect and, hopefully, have lots of sex. As I am typing this, the caveman is whining and pulling on the leg of my jeans. All I can think is that I CANNOT wait until my parents arrive to take him away. Don't get me wrong, by Monday I will be dying to see him. It's just that today I am ready for a break.

I am sure that the same will be true in a little over a month when I leave him again for a quick trip to the frozen tundra (otherwise known as Milwaukee). That will be a mostly girls' only weekend - also much needed. Will I be pining for the caveman (or the hubs) much as I drink micro brews and eat cheese? Probably not. At least not until I get back on the plane Sunday afternoon.

It's funny. My sister always brags about how her son is almost 2 and a half and she's never left him more than overnight. I'm not sure that's a good thing. In some ways, I think my time away from the caveman makes me love and appreciate him that much more. Or that's what I'm going to tell people who judge me for leaving my son now and then anyway.