Saturday, November 7, 2009

9 months was the easy part

Being pregnant was no fun for me. I was sick for the entire 9 months. I took anti-nausea medicationss and they only worked some of the time. I kept thinking I only had to make it through those 9 months and then everything would be better. Well, I'm no longer nauseous all the time....but those 9 months were definitely the easy part!

I'm a 31 year old mom to a 3 month old little boy. I've been married for a little over a year to a man I adore on the good days and tolerate on the bad days. I'm a social worker, stuck in a job I have no passion for but that pays more than most social work jobs. I'm in graduate school and will get my master's degree in about a year.

I spent approximately 29 years of my life convinced I was not going to get married and I was not going to have kids. It just wasn't for me. I wasn't interested in those societal norms which said every woman wants to get married and have a family. I didn't really know what I wanted from my life, but I was sure marriage and kids wasn't it. When I was 26, I met Mr. Plummy and fell in love for the first time. At 29, I decided I wanted to have a baby NOW! Mr. Plummy decided we should be married before starting a family, so on a rainy day in August 2008 we walked down the aisle and said I Do.

I'm a planner. An organizer. A bit OCD, really. With my grad school schedule, I had identified a 6 week period which would be ideal to have a baby and only have to take one quarter off school. I counted backwards and then Mr. Plummy and I settled into the business of making a baby. I read books, charted my daily temperature, examined my cervical mucus and....on our 2nd month of knocked up. My due date was July 24th....right in the 6 week window.

July 24th came and went and our baby was nowhere to been seen. I endured 2 more weeks of pregnancy (including the hottest week on record) before I was finally induced. My induction started on Friday and my Monkey finally entered the world on Monday, August 10th. It was a long, long, long wait....but oh my, was it worth it. I didn't cry when Monkey was born, I laughed. Laughed and laughed at the notion that I was now someone's Mom. For the first few days, I would just look at him and laugh....I was a Mom.

The first 3 months have been challenging, rewarding, exhausting, aggrevating, full of joy and nothing like I ever expected my life to be. My maternity leave ended this week so now I'm balancing working full time, going to grad school, being Mr. Plummy's wife, being Monkey's mom, and trying to maintain some part of Me in the whole thing.


  1. I hear you girl! Couldn't be more true than this. Although I am a WAHM now, I went back full-time after my first was born and it was hard doing the juggling act. I still am juggling, working and managing two at home. Helps to know we are a community of women supporting each other through it all. Found you via SITS!