Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend woes

Holy hell- yesterday was hell. HELL I tell you!

Poor Munchky has a cold. Well, let me preface that... she has had a constant cold for the past month, and this weekend it was worse. I took her to the doc when she first got it, and here is what I got:

- You can't really do anything about it. Use nasal spray and suction stuff out.
- Use a humidifier in her room.
- Use Infant's Tylenol if she has a fever.

That's it. Nothing else. Oh yeah- here was the kicker that made me all gooey...

- She'll probably just sneeze her way from one cold to another for the winter, especially since she's in daycare.

Yeah, thanks. BLECH. Anyway- back to my story. This weekend Munchky was worse- she kept having sneezing fits where she would sneeze like 4 times in a row, snot flying everywhere. And like every other kid I've ever seen, she HATES having her nose wiped. HATES. With the passion of a thousand suns.

So the thing the pedi doesn't tell you is how completely hopeless you will feel, when she sneezes her little head off, cries when you wipe her nose, and then look up at you like, "make me better!" Ugh- what a heartstring tug! There was nothing I could do, and I hated it! And when she screamed her head off in that shrill, horrid way for like, an HOUR last night, all I could do was walk around with her and dance and sway, trying to comfort her. And then get up a bajilion times throughout the night to check on her after she finally went down.

Wow. Mommy stuff is hard.

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