Thursday, November 12, 2009

OMG- Now I've done it

Yesterday started as a typical day- Hubs got up to feed Munchky while I got ready, then I got her ready, took her to daycare, and then went to work. It was about 9:23 am (approximately, of course, I'm not THAT OCD, except I am), that I realized I had done it...

I had become a Mommy.

Now, let's define some things here. I have been a Mom for months now- and couldn't be happier with it. But becoming a "Mommy" is something totally different.

I'm not sure, I don't have any photo evidence, but I'm pretty sure that someone snuck into my closet one night, took out all of my stylish, cool clothes, and replaced them with "comfort is way more important" clothes. WTH? Where did those come from?

Oh, and some horrible force of nature has replaced my body with this... this... spare tire thing. I admit I was only happy with my size for a few years before getting pregnant- I lost a lot of weight at one point and loved it. Seriously- I was lovin life! But now I am incapable of even imagining those days of smaller sizes. I do dream about them, though.

About a month ago, the "delayed stress reaction hair loss" kicked in from having Cora, and I couldn't stand how much hair I saw in the drain each time I took a shower. So I cut it short. Now, I've done this all my life- grow my hair long, cut it short, then grow it out again. It grows quickly, so I never really worried about being stuck with something for too long. But I'll be damned- a friend saw me a couple days later, and said, "So you got the Mommy cut!" Bitch. No, I didn't get the Mommy cut. I'm not sure how it's different, but it is. So there.

This one I will admit to, though- I wear granny panties sometimes. There, I said it, shoot if you want. But it's true. They are so damned comfortable (Holy crap, there's that word again). But not even my husbands ribbing about them will make me get rid of them.

**through tears** "I just never thought this would happen to MEEEEEEEEEEE!"

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  1. Why do people say that stuff. If you have comfortable shoes, they are "Mom shoes". Big purse= "Mom Purse". My one friend used to do that, now she has 3 little ones and I revel in all of her "Mom" purchases...

    Thanks for visiting my Blog on my SITS day!