Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hi, I'm Leabee, grateful Mommy to a beautiful almost-5-month-old little girl. We'll call her Munchky. She's such a blessing, as I had been told I probably wouldn't be able to have kids. But I truly cannot imagine my life without her now- she makes me smile and laugh and feel important even when the world doesn't. I love her more than I thought I ever could.

OK, enough of that sappy shit. Do you know what I did today? Many times? I sucked snot out of an infants nose with a little ball sucker thingy. It is possibly the grossest thing I've ever done. It's one of those things that you really don't think about until you have to do it. The worst part of it? Her little left nostril was so congested, that I deflated the ball, gently put the sucky end into it, and it just sat there, deflated, not sucking anything. Good lord, the child probably thought her Mommy was trying to suck out her brains.

Motherhood is something I knew I was meant for, but never knew I could do the things I do now without puking. Seriously. Projectile spit-up onto the shirt that I just bought and couldn't wait to wear to work... not fun. And the diapers... oh, the diapers.

For Munchky, the first poop of the day is the hardest... literally. It's like a little plug holding the rest in. It's actually the one I would volunteer to change, knowing that Daddy would get the next one. The one with all the runny, grainy stuff that the plug was holding in. Sometimes, I feel like doing Ro Sham Bo for it. Sometimes, we do.

I love you Munchky, even with the snot and poop.

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